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A blend of style, performance and technology to reach a superior level in Sim Racing. Choose Italian excellence and take your driving experience to unprecedented heights. With Wave Force Monza and Wave Impact, you can finally experience the same thrills as a real driver and compete at the highest levels.

Experience authentic driving like never before.

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Braking force exceeding 150 kg: the maximum braking power on the market, the wide pedal plate allows for total control, while the exclusive 16-bit electronics, designed by Wave Italy R&D in Maranello and perfected with the contribution of professional drivers, ensures an immediate and realistic response. The Monza-type pedal support can adapt to existing simulation setups. The included heel rest allows you to customize the position of your heels and the leg/ankle angle.

Quality materials: ergonomic alcantara grip for a firm hold and unparalleled comfort, allowing you to drive with millimeter precision. The Wave Impact features a color LCD display, fully customizable buttons, and racing knobs offering complete control over all parameters and keeping you informed of the most important data. The electronic is designed by Wave Italy R&D and handcrafted in Italy for a product of unparalleled quality and reliability.


Materials: Anodized aluminum base body and die-cast aluminum pedal body allow for great precision in movements, high reliability, and maximum driving comfort. Crafted with high-precision machine-tools, subjected to stress test to ensure reliability, robustness, and extreme durability.

Maximum customization freedom: Wave Force Monza offers various color options, adjustable pedal stem inclinations, and pedal plate positions to meet every need. Easy adjustment of pedal distance, customizable Brake Force/Travel curve. The base plate allows installation on existing simulation setups.

Maximum definition: Wave Impact features a 4.3-inch color LCD display, 128 PPI, brightness up to 250 nits, perfect even in very bright environments.

Full custom: Wave Impact has a display with DRS functions, KERS recharge, pit lane stall. Fully customizable buttons and screens to always display speed, RPM, lap time, last lap, gear indicator, performance delta, brake and accelerator usage level. Configurable racing knobs to manage, for example, Brake Balance, Traction Control, ABS level, DRS activation, and other Power Unit functions.

What’s included in the package: Brake pedal, Accelerator pedal, USB connection cable, Alternative configuration kit, Package with necessary bolts, Scuff plates support, Side supports for the base, Pedal base, Angle brackets for base assembly, Additional Scuff plates support, Clutch axle buffer connector, elastomer kits.

Steering wheel, Spoke cable with USB for computer connection, USB key containing the SimHub software, CPL adapter 6 x 70 mm.

Box dimensions steering wheel: Length 50 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 30 cm.

Box dimensions pedals: Length 42 cm, Width 34 cm, Height 40 cm.


Wave Impetus Monza Specifications:

Accelerator Pedal:
> Exercise force applied to the accelerator is adjustable in 10 different values, from softest to stiffest.
> Pedal force preload adjustable in two positions.
> Professional rotary sensor, 5 million cycles.
> “Fine” adjustment: micrometric setting of the pedal position through threaded studs.
> Pedal travel up to 25° adjustable with mechanical end-stop.
> Electronics with Wave Italy customization.

Brake Pedal:
> Feedback is characterized based on the telemetric curve and data analysis of real cars to faithfully reproduce the driving sensations of a professional.
> The brake, equipped with a professional load cell, allows a pedal force of up to 150kg, the maximum in the sector.
> Ability to change curve and intensity of braking using different specific elastomer kits provided by Wave Italy, with different intensities for the brake cartridge.

Clutch Pedal:
> Exercise force applied is adjustable in 14 different values, as well as the cam effect to simulate the release of the clutch disk’s spring pack (from soft to stiffer on different setups).
> Pedal force preload adjustable in 2 positions.
> Professional rotary sensor, 5 million cycles.
> “Fine” adjustment: micrometric setting of the pedal position by 12.5° through threaded studs.
> Pedal travel up to 25° adjustable with mechanical end-stop.

Monza Base – Formula Layout:
> Customizable inclination of the entire platform, through different adjustment holes.
> Adjustable heel rest in height and inclination.
> Guides allow positioning of the pedals at a customizable distance for the pilot’s best comfort.

> Length: 420 mm
> Width: 340 mm
> Height: 400 mm
> Weight: 9.0 kg

> Main Structure: all in anodized aluminum.
> Processing: high precision machine tools.
> Elastomers: kit for various combinations.

> Wave Italy Plug & Play via USB port for easy connection to the PC for sensor calibration.

PC Requirements:
> From Windows XP onwards.
> No need for free disk space.
> USB port.

Wave Impact Specifications:
> 10 active buttons, fully programmable by the pilot.
> 4 toggle switches (monostable).
> 2 rotary switches completely adjustable.
> 2 rotary encoders fully programmable.
> 2 two-way monostable selectors.
> 2 monostable toggle switches positioned on the rear.
> Quick release option.
> Compatibility with steering wheel supports from different brands (Leo Bodnar, OSV, SimCube).

> Length: 500 mm
> Width: 400 mm
> Height: 300 mm
> Weight: 5.0 kg

> Main Structure: ABS.
> Steering wheel covering: Alcantara with hand stitching.
> Shift and clutch paddles: carbon fiber.

> Wave Plug & Play – Connection via USB port for PC connection and device settings.
> Detachable spiral USB cable.

PC Requirements:
> From Windows XP onwards.
> No need for free disk space.
> USB port.


To ensure correct installation of your products, we recommend reading the instructions provided here.

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> Make the most of all its features and capabilities;
> Perform routine maintenance to ensure long-term durability.

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Warranty and Refunds: the product is subject to the legal warranty of 2 years from the date of delivery, possibility of free return within 30 days from the purchase.

Shipping method: the product is shipped within 15 working days from the order confirmation. At the time of check-out it will be possible to add optional insurance.

Assembly: a manual with all the necessary information for assembly, installation, and maintenance is sent with the product.

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James EgoziF4 drivers

WAVE Italy is a state-of-the-art Sim Training Facility. Training with such high-performance products is essential for improving my style and technique. The improvement throughout my tailor-made program with Marzo Zipoli has been immense.

Alex H.Professional Driver

Wave Impact is incredible. The amount of data available offers unparalleled control. The red pedal set adds a touch of class to my setup. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking top-notch performance.

Emily S.Simracer

The pedal set was a pleasant surprise. The feeling of control is phenomenal, and allows you to always ride at your best. A high-quality product, perfect for driving simulation enthusiasts.

Mike B.Virtual Driver

Wave Italy products are simply outstanding. They offer real sensations and allow you to train consistently at a very high level. I highly recommend this product to all virtual drivers.


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