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Feel power and precision beneath your feet with the Imola pedal set. Elevate your performance with a pedal set designed to improve lap times. Experience authentic driving with unparalleled sensitivity. Result the commitment of Wave Italy Research and Development team, this cutting-edge pedal set is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring unparalleled excellence.

Take to the track, push your limits, and claim victory.

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Braking force exceeding 150 kg: the maximum braking power on the market, allowing you to dominate the track with unprecedented control. Refine your technique thanks to the perfect feeling during modulation and trail braking, ensuring precise and millimeter-perfect driving.

Leverage the instant responsiveness of the accelerator: regulate your power with extreme sensitivity. The wide pedal plate grants you total control, while the exclusive 16-bit electronics, designed in Italy by our engineers and perfected with the contribution of professional drivers, ensures an immediate and realistic response.

Refined design and premium materials: faithfully replicating the aesthetics and performance of a real racing car. A mechanical and electronic gem that elevates your Sim Racing to a higher level.

Inverted pedal support: The Imola-type support allows for easy installation on existing simulation setups. The included heel rest allows you to customize the position of your heels and the leg/ankle angle.


Materials: anodized aluminum base body and die-cast aluminum pedal body allow for great precision in movements, high reliability and maximum driving comfort. Machined with high-precision machine-tools, subjected to stress test to guarantee reliability, robustness, and extreme durability.

Maximum customization freedom: You can choose from different color options, pedal stem inclinations, and adjustable pedal plate positions to meet every need. Easy adjustment of pedal distance, customizable Brake Force/Travel curve, the base plate allows installation on existing simulation setups.

What’s included in the box: Brake pedal, Accelerator pedal, USB connection cable, Alternative configuration kit, Package with necessary bolts, Scuff plates support, Side supports for the base, Pedal base, Angle brackets for base assembly, Additional Scuff plates support, Clutch axle buffer connector, elastomer kits.

Box dimensions: Length 52 cm, Width 35 cm, Height 45 cm.



Accelerator Pedal:
> The operating force applied to the accelerator is adjustable across 10 different values, from softest to stiffest.
> Pedal force preload is adjustable in two positions.
> Professional rotary sensor, rated for 5 million cycles.
> “Fine” adjustment: micrometric pedal position setting through the threaded stud.
> Pedal travel up to 25° adjustable with mechanical end stop.
> Electronics customizable by Wave Italy.

Brake Pedal:
> Feedback is characterized based on the telemetry curve and data analysis of real vehicles to faithfully reproduce professional driving sensations.
> The brake, equipped with a professional load cell, allows pedal force up to 150kg, the maximum in the sector.
> Possibility to change brake curve and intensity using various specific elastomer kits provided by Wave Italy, with different intensities for the brake cartridge.

Imola Base – GT Layout:
> Experience our inverted pedal set-up. A new feeling for even better driving.
> Platform adjustable in height and inclination.
> Heel rest adjustable in height, inclination, and depth.
> Guides allow positioning of pedals at a customizable distance for the best comfort of the driver.

> Length: 520 mm
> Width: 350 mm
> Height: 450 mm
> Weight: 15.5 kg

> Main Structure: all in anodized aluminum.
> Processing: high-precision machine tools.
> Elastomers: kits for various combinations.

> Wave Italy Plug & Play via USB port for easy connection to the PC, from which sensor calibration can be performed.

Requirements (PC):
> From Windows XP onwards.
> No need for free disk space.
> USB port.


To ensure correct installation of your pedals, we recommend reading the instructions provided here.

In this manual, you will find all the necessary information to:

> Properly install your product, step by step;
> Make the most of all its features and capabilities;
> Perform routine maintenance to ensure long-term durability.

Click the download button to access the manual in PDF format in English.

If you encounter any issues with downloading the manual, you can refer to the FAQ section of our website.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, our customer service is always available to assist you.

Download manual


Warranty and Refunds: the product is subject to the legal warranty of 2 years from the date of delivery, possibility of free return within 30 days from the purchase.

Shipping method: the product is shipped within 15 working days from the order confirmation. At the time of check-out it will be possible to add optional insurance.

Assembly: a manual with all the necessary information for assembly, installation, and maintenance is sent with the product.

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Vicky PiriaProfessional driver and Simracer

Wave Italy's products are able to meet the needs of every simracer, offering a robust structure, reliable performance and a wide range of features. They are an excellent option for those looking for a high-end simulation experience.

Olivia Z.Simracer

The Wave Force Imola pedals are simply extraordinary! The precision and responsiveness are amazing, offering optimal control during driving sessions. Their sturdy construction and adjustability make them perfect for any simracer.

Max B.GT Driver

My new set of Wave Force Imola pedals has exceeded all my expectations. Their sensitivity and the ability to adjust the applied force make them essential for improving performance on the driving simulator. Absolutely recommended!

Isabella S.Automotive test driver

The Wave Force Imola pedals are a true game changer in the world of sim racing. Their build quality and sensor sensitivity allow for an extremely realistic and immersive driving experience. I'm really excited about their performance!


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